Providing a Direct Pathway

to Commercialization

About us

Our Vision

The Battery Innovation Center (BIC) is a collaborative initiative designed to incorporate leadership from renowned universities, government agencies, and commercial enterprises to focus on the rapid development, testing and commercialization of safe, reliable and lightweight energy storage systems for defense and commercial customers.

Our Mission

The BIC’s mission is to accelerate innovation in the field of battery technology by providing access to the entire spectrum of R&D to commercialization, including low volume production, in a single 40,000 square foot facility. Under one roof and with virtual connections to partners’ research and manufacturing facilities, the BIC will be capable of managing all aspects of the battery life cycle.

Basic and applied research

Elementary cell concept

Cell research and development

Cell manufacturing

Electronic control

Pack systems engineering, testing and certification

Low volume manufacturing

Field service and support

Our Goals

1. Provide military and national security customers with a robust and secure source of battery development and low-volume production under one roof with linkages to an array of high-volume commercial manufacturing partners.

2. Give the commercial industry a one-stop shop for battery testing and certification along with a full spectrum of world-class support services from R&D to manufacturing solutions.

3. Establishing a network that virtually and physically links university-led battery R&D and accelerates the transition from basic research to battery cell and pack prototypes into commercialization.

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